24 April, 2011

Lazy afternoons.. with the family.

The Green Room

'The 'Green Room' is a space which accommodates performers or actors that are not yet required on stage' - Wiki 

21 April, 2011


'Lend me your eyes, I can change what you see'

18 April, 2011

Pit-stop. Village hospitality.

Waaaaaaaay too early in the morning. Very cold, and very much in the middle of nowhere.

17 April, 2011

Ah, now the sky could be blue, I don't mind
Without you, its a waste of time

And I need a smoke, who doesn't need a smoke these days,
So I can make my day look pretty as she fucks me till the sun goes down,

16 April, 2011

And I don't know if you even notice at all,
that I'm long gone,